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House of Dolls: A Deadly Inheritance Awaits

Prepare to be trapped in a twisted game of life and death with "House of Dolls," a thrilling film directed by Juan Salas. This suspenseful tale centers on three estranged sisters, played by Taylor Cox (The Girlfriend Experience), Alicia Underwood (Ghost Party), and Naomi Lopez (Queen of the South), who reunite for a chance at a hefty inheritance. However, their reunion takes a dark turn when they find themselves trapped inside a giant dollhouse, forced to confront their past traumas and a mysterious killer wielding a blade.

As they navigate the elaborate dollhouse replica of their childhood home, the sisters must work together to survive the night, all while uncovering the secrets buried within their family's past.

A Cast of Legacy and Rising Stars

The film boasts a stellar cast, anchored by the legendary Dee Wallace. With a career spanning over five decades, Wallace has become a beloved figure in Hollywood. She's perhaps best recognized for her heartwarming portrayal of Elliot's mom in Steven Spielberg's iconic sci-fi film, "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial." However, Dee Wallace has also established herself as a scream queen through her chilling performances in horror classics like "The Hills Have Eyes," "The Howling," "Cujo," and the cult favorite "Critters."

Joining Wallace is the rising star Meeko Gattuso. While his filmography is on the rise, Gattuso has already garnered recognition for his captivating performance as Mouse in the HBO teen drama series "Euphoria." His captivating screen presence promises to add another layer of intrigue to "House of Dolls."

With a cast that blends established veterans with fresh talent, "House of Dolls" promises a heart-pounding experience that will keep you guessing until the very end.